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Printco Graphics Inc.
2943 Supply Avenue
Commerce, CA 90040
Phone: (323) 727-6868

Since 1965, Printco Graphics has been serving the printing needs of the greater Los Angeles area. Printco's headquarter occupies a 50,000 square foot printing facility in Commerce, California and offers full service printing services with over $2 million state of the art printing equipment. From the early days as Co-op Printing at 3607 S. Avalon to the current state-of-the-art facility in Commerce, Printco has continually offered quality printing at affordable prices.

Printco Graphics was officially founded in 1965 by Ruth Stubblefield and Ronald Clark, but Ruth was printing long before the doors of Printco opened. Ruth started printing out of her garage in 1958. Her 19 year old cousin, Ron, started dropping by because he was eager to learn what she was doing. Under Ruth's guidance, Ron learned everything Ruth had to teach him and he eventually became a master craftsman. He also worked for other mainstream printers through the early 60's. Ruth and Ron always believed that they could give customers the three things that were the most important: Excellent quality, courteous and efficient service at a reasonable price. Their work ethic and determination to be the best drove them and is what still drives the company today.

While Ruth was the impetus of the birth of Printco, in 1970 her desire to run a business was replaced with the desire to see the world. So in January of that same year, Ruth decided to retire. She bought a house in Mallorca and sold her share of the business to Ron. Since then, Ron has been successfully running Printco and has turned a small upstart into a viable and profitable business.

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